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Seaton Hiking Trail

Seaton Hiking Trail

The Seaton Hiking Trail is located along the beautiful West Duffins Creek running directly through the heart of Whitevale. Overall, the trail runs for 12.7 km from 3rd Concession near Brock Road northwest to Highway 7 at Green River. There are several access points throughout the length of the trail, but Whitevale is one of the major entry points for the trail. In Whitevale, the trail can be accessed from the south end of Whitevale Park or the northeast side of the Whitevale Bridge. Free parking is available at the Whitevale Park. The northern leg of the Whitevale portion of the trail is flat and easy to hike and it passes by a beautiful dam before making its way to Green River. The southern portion of the trail winds its way through the forest beside the creek as it makes its way toward Taunton Rd.

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Fishing in Duffins Creek at Whitevale

Seaton Hiking Trail

West Duffins Creek is a very popular destination for fishermen of all skill levels, who come from across the GTA and southern Ontario. The combination of the Whitevale Dam (that provides a barrier to migrating fish), the Seaton Hiking Trail (which provides access to fishermen), and Duffins Creek (a home to a wide variety of fish including rainbow trout, chinook salmon, brown trout, and brook trout, to name a few), makes Whitevale an ideal location for fishing.

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Whitevale Park

Whitevale Park

Located to the west of the bridge is the wonderful Whitevale Park.  The park is a main gathering spot for the community to host major events such as the Spring Festival or smaller private functions.  The park property is very large and has a baseball diamond, a large field for soccer, a new playground for kids, the Whitevale Community Centre and contains part of the Seaton Hiking Trail.  There is free parking available for visitors who wish to make use of the park, trails, or wander through the village itself. 

Whitevale Events

Whitevale Spring Festival

Whitevale hosts a number of events throughout the year open to residents and non-residents alike. Public events such as the Whitevale Spring Festival, Corn Roast, and Christmas Craft Show are all major attractions and are well attended each year.  Occasionally smaller events are held from time-to-time.

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Seasonal Activities

Seasonal Activities in Whitevale
  • Spring is a great time for fishing in Duffins Creek and enjoying the magnificent gardens of the Whitevale residents.
  • Summer is ideal for picnics and sports in the park, attending a community event or walking through the village to enjoy the beautifully maintained historic buildings
  • Autumn is a perfect time to get out your camera and walk on the Seaton Hiking Trail to enjoy the colours of the changing season.
  • In past winters, the Whitevale Park is a location for a makeshift hockey/skating rink.

Film Shoots

Whitevale Film Shoots
The Hamlet of Whitevale has maintained its 19th Century rural character and charm making it a popular location for film shoots for television, small films, and major motion pictures.  It’s proximity to Toronto makes it easy for film crews to shoot and manage their production.  Whitevale can be the setting for almost any time period and can be used for a wide variety of genres.  If you are interested in filming in Whitevale, please contact us!