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Small stream through Whitevale backyardsThe Seaton Trail in Pickering generally follows West Duffins Creek and stretches from Highway 7 in Green River through Whitevale, beneath the Taunton Road Bridge, and terminates at the 3rd Concession near Brock Road. There are several trail access points, one of the major ones being at Whitevale.

The trail can be accessed at two locations in Whitevale depending on what direction you wish to hike. There is free parking available at the Whitevale Park, but the lot can become full especially on the weekends in the summer. The trail also provides easy access for fisherman.

Seaton Trail - Southbound
If heading south on the trail, the trail can be accessed from Whitevale Park, on the southwest side of the Whitevale Bridge. The park entrance is located at the far south end of the field and is marked by a large sign and a small wooden bridge. The terrain on the southbound trail between Whitevale and Taunton Road varies significantly depending on how far south you travel. Generally, the closer you get to Taunton Road, the steeper the trail becomes. If you hike close to Whitevale, the trail is relatively flat with a few gentle hills. A number of staircases and wooden bridges have been constructed to assist hikers. Hiking south from Whitevale to Taunton Road takes approximately 1 hour; there are no access points between these two locations.

Seaton Trail - Northbound
If you wish to head north on the trail, you can access it via a wooden staircase located directly at the northeast corner of the bridge (near the abandoned mill). Alternately, the northbound trail can be accessed from Mill Street, just east of the bridge. The "official" northbound trail consists of a flat pathway that heads northwest directly toward the Whitevale Dam; you will know when you are getting close because you will hear the waterfall. The walk to the Dam takes 10-15 minutes; it is very easy and can be hiked by people of all skill levels. If you wish to hike to the Dam by following the creek, you may do so at your own risk, as this portion of the trail is not actively maintained. Heading north of the Dam will take you beneath Highway 407 and ultimately will take you to the parking lot in Green River.

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Trail Map

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