Living in Whitevale


Whitevale Residents

The Hamlet of Whitevale is a small tight-knit community that consists of proud residents that do everything they can to preserve the natural and historical landscape in Whitevale.  Whitevale residents come together on annual events, charities, local BBQs and various other functions held within the community.  The small size of the village allows for a friendly atmosphere among villagers, where everyone knows your name (or at least your house)!

Whitevale and District Residents’ Association

Whitevale Protest

The Whitevale and District Residents’ Association (WDRA) is a group of active and concerned citizens who aim to keep Whitevale a beautiful and historic place to live. The WDRA has been around for many years and appoints a new president to oversee meetings and act as a point-of-contact between the WDRA and outside organizations. The WDRA is open to everyone who cares about Whitevale and preserving their way of life. The WDRA has been involved in a number of campaigns in the past that included avoiding a proposed airport, a landfill site and they worked to slow down traffic through the village. 

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Whitevale Heritage Conservation District

Whitevale House

Whitevale is part of a Heritage Conservation District that was created to preserve and enhance the special character of Whitevale.  Property owners in Whitevale must adhere to special guidelines when performing any construction or demolition projects to ensure the projects are being performed in a way that will maintain Whitevale’s character.  The guidelines were developed to maintain heritage buildings, the rural character of Whitevale and its landscape. 

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