Whitevale Community Centre

Original Building: The Miller House

The Whitevale Community Centre is believed to be one of the oldest structures in Whitevale, built between 1825 and 1835.  In addition to its age, one of the most intriguing things about this building is the way it was constructed.  The construction methods are thought to have originated in Brittany, France and may have been brought over with Samuel de Champlain.  Many French Canadian lumbermen could be found throughout this area in the late 1790’s, so it’s plausible that the construction is indeed French.

Before becoming the Whitevale Community Centre, this building was known as the Miller House; named after the Miller family who were in possession of this house since purchasing it from T.P. White in 1866. Unfortunately, the property was expropriated by the government in 1972 and became a target for vandals.