Whitevale School

Original Building: Whitevale School Section No. 8

Before the current Whitevale School was built, there was another school that was constructed in 1842 on the corner of John Sleigh’s farm (Lot 27), with Mr. Patton as its first teacher. A growing population (125 students) in Whitevale led to the need for another school.

In 1865, the present Whitevale School was built.  The old James White homestead located on the corner of Lot 28, Con. 5 was selected as the site for the new school and cost $150. The school was built by Whitevale resident T. P. White for a cost of $1,900. Other members of the community contributed to the school; the brick was brought from Hubbard’s Kiln on Brock Road and the windows and doors were made in Whitevale.